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Book Review

Coach Lew Tip!

I personally will get the print or Kindle copy of the book AND when available the audio version as well. I have found that listening and reading congruently increases my concept and overall retention of the book!

Give it a try, it worked for me and just may work great for you too!

-Coach Lew 

Book Reviews

Hello Coach Lew Family!

I truly believe that learning is key to growth!

The question is how do we learn?

 Do we go it alone with trial and error, or can we shortcut the process by learning from those who have already been there?

There are some amazing teachers, coaches and authors I have learned from over the years that has turned decades in to days of knowledge!

The biggest challenge I had over time was reading or listening to a book and trying to implement every single thing or finding great material but not agreeing with everything they taught!

What I found was that it is amazing to take what serves you and leave what doesn’t. Basically out of an entire book, course, video etc. there are 3-5 key points that will make the shift for you, the rest doesn’t matter!

This is why I am going in to these books and grabbing some key points for you and the overall concept so:

1) You can decide if it is a good match for your needs

2) You can go in having a great idea of what the overall key concepts are so you don’t get lost in the words over the concept.

3) You can have a strategy for getting the most out of your reading or listening experience or both! Personally I like to listen and read the book for maximum retention. When listening you get a real feel for the authors intention (external stimuli) and when reading you get a real personal take (internal stimuli) of the meaning to you!

Coach Lew Recommends

Being your Coach I have spent years finding the best and most efficient ways to get you to your life goals and help you achieve fulfillment.

In this process I have found different processes, guides and products that I have used with optimal results!

Being who I am I love to share what works for me and want to help you to discover what works best for you!

I have compiled “Coach Lew’s List” to help you to find what is best for you based on:

1) Quality

2) Ease to implement 

3) Best bang for the buck! (In other words best value, there is no pride in overspending as long as you never sacrifice quality) 

Check out Coach Lew’s list!

Some items that I recommend I do receive a small affiliate commission if yo use my link, so please do! Rest assured i do not base my decisions on products I use or recommend based on commision rather I always base my recommendations on quality, simplicity and value to you! 

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